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About The Book

As the Boomer population is retiring healthier than any generation before them, aging is looking a whole lot different. In Conscious Living, Conscious Aging, author Ron Pevny challenges readers to transcend personal and societal belief that as we age our days of contribution and passionate engagement with life are over. Weaving together wisdom and practices from both the Sage-ing ® and rite of passage traditions, Ron’s many years of experience as a guide to conscious eldering, and inspiring stories from participants on his retreats, this book shows readers how to: 

  • Identify unfulfilled goals and put intentions into action
  • Navigate the passage from mid-life adulthood to life’s elder chapters
  • Work with grief and loss as potential doorways to new beginnings 
  • Identify and transform beliefs, attitudes and habits that stand in the way of realizing 
  • goals and achieving inner wholeness
  • Uncover avenues for turning life’s later chapters into a time of profound personal 
  • development
  • Use their gifts and wisdom to claim the role of elder and create a lasting legacy for the generations that follow

Pevny, Founder and Director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, presents readers with an empowering vision and practical tools that help one to aim high by aging consciously and growing into conscious elderhood. This model for aging, contemporary yet grounded in time-honored wisdom, focuses on aging’s potential for growth, passion, purpose, service and spiritual exploration in whatever circumstances life presents. He encourages readers to stop viewing aging as the twilight of their lives and welcome in a new dawn by not just growing old, but by bringing consciousness and intentionality to their aging as they become the conscious elders our world urgently needs.