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Want to Embrace Conscious Eldering in 2015? Forget Resolutions -- Create Intentions

We all know how weak New Years resolutions tend to be for making a lasting, meaningful difference in our lives.  I believe this is so because our resolutions are usually made piecemeal, with a goal of improving some areas of our lives, but without a larger context within which to place these improvements.  We resolve to lose weight, or improve our diet, or watch less TV - all of which can be positives in our lives - but most of us don't place these in a context that can be large enough and motivating enough to  be sustainable.

The Power of Belief

The Power of Belief

by Ron Pevny

In recent years, a host of psychological and biological research has been adding its voice to the age-old wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions in emphasizing the importance of belief and attitude in determining how our lives unfold. In fact, today I read the following, from the New York Times:

Which Self Will Win

Which Self Will Win:  Making the Choice to Live and Age Consciously

  Many of you are familiar with the oft-told teaching story, attributed to the Cherokee people, where the young person asks the wise elder, "Which wolf will win?" I'd like to offer you a revised version of this story as it relates to conscious eldering.

Moving From Who We Have Been To Who We Can Become


I am often asked to define conscious aging and conscious eldering and explain how these two similar terms for a very powerful, life enhancing approach to our aging relate to each other. In this blog I will briefly address these questions.  My book, Conscious Living, Conscious Aging explores these processes fully. 

Aiming High As We Age

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.   Michelangelo

 My new book, Conscious living, Conscious Aging  offers an empowering vision of aging that counters the dominant societal myth that retirement age is primarily defined by disengagement and diminishment, with our years of service and growth largely behind us.